Realme Buds Wireless Review : Worth The Hype!

Realme Buds Wireless Review:

Truly wireless earphones are becoming very popular, and we could very well see Realme get into that space in the coming months. However, for now, the company has taken on wireless headphones in an affordable form — neckband-style earphones. The Realme Buds Wireless has a flexible neckband with metal modules at the ends, short cables that lead to the earbuds, and the plastic earbuds themselves. We quite liked the yellow-and-black colour scheme of our review unit. The design is simple and the build quality is decent. The device is light at just 30g, and comfortable to wear and use for long hours at a stretch.

Like earlier Realme earphones, the Realme Buds Wireless have magnets in each earbud. While they don’t serve any purpose on the wired models beyond keeping the two earbuds together, the magnetic clamp serves as the power switch for the Buds Wireless. Separating the buds turns the headset on, while attaching them powers it down; there is no power button, so this is the only way to control power on the headset.


Enjoy a powerful and deep bass with an ultra large 11.2mm bass boost driver and Japan Daikoku technology. The Realme Buds Wireless bring a refreshing change to the budget segment, offering a great combination of design and sound quality for the price. Also, fans of electronic music will be happy to know that the Realme Buds Wireless have been tuned with inputs from popular DJ Alan Walker, and the sound does come across as geared for this genre.


Realme Buds Wireless are made from premium metal and skin-friendly silica for your comfort, and realme’s distinctive logo and colors make you stand-out in the crowd. The Buds Wireless are ergonomic and made from high-quality silica gel and memory nickel-titanium alloy for your ultimate comfort.


The Realme Buds Wireless earphones are powered by 11.2mm drivers, with Bluetooth 5 and support for the SBC and AAC codecs. The earphones have a claimed battery life of 12 hours on a single charge, and are said to offer 100 minutes of listening time on a 10-minute charge when the battery is drained.


The inline remote features three buttons and a mic, so you can control your music, calls, and voice assistant directly. Moreover, the earbuds are also sweat proof. Thanks to the MFP (Magnetic Fast Pair) Technology, you can just separate the buds when in use and snap then together to power-off. It’s that simple.


  • Best in Looks
  • Best in Comfort & Lightweight too
  • Rich amount of sound


  • Magnetic power switch is troublesome
  • Inconsistent performance on voice calls

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