Mivi DuoPods M80 Review: Fully Featured Pack Earbuds!

Mivi sells cables, chargers, custom and designer cases, tempered glass, power banks, car accessories, and audio products such as earphones and headphones. It is a Indian brand founded in the year 2015. Their target audience comprises those who are tech-savvy, music enthusiasts, fitness freaks, interested in online shopping, and always looking out for electronics and gadgets. Mivi products are designed specifically to meet the needs of Indian consumers. Mivi recently launched its new wireless earbuds called “Mivi Duopods M80”.

Mivi DuoPods M80 Review

Mivi DuoPods M80 is the futuristic earbuds made for the audiophile in you. They come with a charging case, so you can charge them on the go, worry-free. These Bluetooth earbuds have touch adaptive controls, so you can control your music and calls hassle-free.


The Mivi Duopods M80 comes in a mordern plastic design. From the charging case to the earbuds all are made up of plastic, although the plastic here is of very good quality. It has matte finish which gives you a very premium look. It really feels very premium and looking here is also very elegant.

The design is very comfortable and stable. When you put the duopods into your ear it feels very light and comfortable. The earbuds are designed to stay put while you do any of the workout activity(running, jogging, gyming etc.) it doesn’t fall out.


The duopods comes with very intresting features and controls. Firstly it has the touch controls which helps for convenience, The M80 have intelligent finger controls which helps you to take calls, enable google assistant/siri, play music all you want in a few seconds.

The DuoPods M80 are voice assistant enabled so you can ask Siri or Google whatever you want. Directions, time or just some fun facts- everything is just a few taps away. The M80 has a gaming mode which is great for gamers, it has super-low latency allowing games to be more indulging. Mivi claims that these buds let you hear every single note and beat.


The sound quality on these pods is very good. Whether you are listening to rock, jazz, classical, or playing a movie, the audio of M80 remains right on the mark, well-synced. Mivi has bundled Qualcomm’s aptX codec on the buds, which ensures loss-less HD sound, with clear highs, mids, and lows, all the time. On top of it, the powerful bass just adds to the experience, letting you feel the thump in songs.

There is also a MEMS built in mic on these pods for crystal clear calls. The in-line MEMS mic is very advanced and powerful, this provides clear calls even when the microphone is at a distance from your mouth.


When it comes to battery life, DuoPods M80 lives up to the expectations.The buds alone last for over four hours, letting you watch your favorite movie/show, without charging-related disruption. Meanwhile, the pocket-friendly case includes a Type-C connector, which can recharge the buds fully taking the total back up close to 30hours.


  • Good sound quality
  • Good for gamers (low latency mode)
  • Super bass
  • Premium looking design


  • Oversensitive touch
  • No noise cancellation

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